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Space & Planets

Ninth NFT Collection

All of my collections are created by training for Artificial Intelligence on a set of images and for this one I wanted something with space, planets, and an other worldly feel to it. The Artificial Intelligence results ended up having a Sci-fi Fantasy feel to them that I was going for. My favorite images I turned into NFTs and will print onto canvas.

Gen 1
Image Dataset #:  2723
Image Size: 1024 x 1024
Seeds :  1 - 1000
Total NFTs:  15
Minted: 16 / 16
Training Time: 13 Days

It was difficult to find images for this dataset and this is why I ended up going with not just Cyberpunk theme but Dystopian Cities as well. The shadows and dark spots you see throughout some images are people standing in the images, which often times were shadowy and a bit distorted. I enjoyed making this collection and love the overall color scheme and results.


Gen 2

Coming In The Future

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