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Third NFT Collection

When I was looking for inspiration for the next model to train I stumbled on one based on birds. The results were birds that look real, but none of them quite exist on earth. Well, I thought why not do one with flowers? Who doesn't like flowers? Unless you're allergic to them and even then you can still appreciate their beauty and variety. I decided to get started by taking various images off the web and started training the GAN for Gen 1. In the meantime, I purchased my first camera (outside of owning a cellphone), and now everywhere I go I take pictures of flowers! The second generation has picture from Naples Florida, Bocas Del Toro Panama, and Sicily Italy!

Each NFT comes with a code that is unlocked after purchase that you will be able to redeem and have a canvas print of the NFT shipped to you. I am currently traveling but when I settle down I plan on opening a physical NFT art gallery. Due to this, expect delays of receiving the printed NFT Canvas of 1 - 2 months, depending on your location. The price of the NFT incorporates all shipping charges. Each NFT is unique with only one ever created (minted).

Gen 1
Image Dataset #:  6071
Image Size: 1024 x 1024
Seeds :  1 - 1000
Total NFTs:  10
Minted: 10 / 10
Training Time: 8 Days

I have always had a passion for flowers and love taking photographs of them everywhere I travel. With the first generation I will be using images off the web, but future ones I will be adding in images I took myself and using a few augmentations

Four Crypto Flowers NFTs
Gen 2
Image Dataset #:  5474
Image Size: 1024 x 1024
Seeds :  1 - 1000
Total NFTs:  25
Minted: 25 / 25
Training Time: 9 Days

The Second Crypto Flowers Generation was created by deleting double images I discovered in the 1st Generation and adding photos I took in Naples Botanical Gardens in Florida, Bocas Del Toro Panama, and  Sicily, Italy. The image set ended up being smaller then 1st Generation but with a better selection and overall quality. 

Gen 3
Image Dataset #:  7138
Image Size: 1024 x 1024
Seeds :  1 - 1000
Total NFTs:  24
Minted: 24 / 24
Training Time: 10 Days

The previous generations of flowers all turned out like photographs, which makes sense since the dataset consisted of only photographs. I wanted to change it up and see what the AI would come up with by mixing in illustrations and paintings of flowers in this generation.

Flower Collage.jpg

Gen 4

Coming Soon

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