Generation - 1

ID - 20

Seed - 897


The purchase includes one 16" x 16" Canvas Print of the above NFT which you will receive within 1 - 2 months of payment completion. The price includes all shipping and handling costs and will be shipped to you anywhere in the world. You will also receive a digital NFT format sent to your wallet address, ​just follow the directions below, depending on payment method.


Purchase with Debit or Credit Card

  1. Complete purchase of the above NFT Canvas Print
  2. Install a MetaMask Wallet by going HERE

  3. Fill out the form HERE with the information needed for me to transfer the NFT to your wallet.


Purchase on OpenSea

  1. Complete purchase of OpenSea with link below

  2. A code will be unlocked with the purchase of the NFT which you can redeem HERE to have the Canvas Print shipped.

  3. Purchase On OpenSea

    Trippy Scape

    SKU: PSY-GEN-1-20
    • Refunds can be received within 24 hours of purchase, before the NFT is transfered to your wallet address and before the canvas print is prepared.

    • The price included all shipping and handling costs and will ship to you anywhere in the world. The shipping and handling time can range from 1 - 2 months depending on your location. If you purchase the NFT on OpenSea please make sure to fill out all the relevant information HERE to receive your Canvas print or NFT, depending on purchase method.