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Gen 1

I base all the collections I create on personal interests and curiosity as to how images would turn out by training Artificial Intelligence on various themes. I have always enjoyed artists that have a trippy, bright, psychedelic tone to their art and decided to create a collection based on that. 

The First Generation turned out slightly overfit, this is when images have a lot of similar characteristics.  You can notice this in the mushrooms and the Alien NFTs, where they have an overall similar shape in the same general areas. I was still extremely happy with the results as they have the exact tone and look I was hoping to achieve. In the next generations I will use a more diverse and larger image set that the Artificial Intelligence learns off of.

Each NFT comes with a code that is unlocked after purchase that you will be able to redeem and have a canvas print of the NFT shipped to you. I am currently traveling but when I settle down I plan on opening a physical NFT art gallery. Due to this, expect delays of receiving the printed NFT Canvas of 1 - 2 months, depending on your location. The price of the NFT incorporates all shipping charges. Each NFT is unique with only one ever created (minted).

You can view the whole collection on OpenSea by clicking here.

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