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Second NFT Collection

After having success with my first Abstract Collection and loving the results I was curious what kind of results I would get if I combined my favorite surreal artists Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso and trained a StyleGan using their artwork as a dataset. 

Gen 1
Image Dataset #:  2583
Image Size: 512x512
Seeds :  1 - 1000
Total NFTs:  10
Minted: 10 / 10
Training Time: 7 Days

This is the second collection I created after having success with my Abstract collection and being curious what would happen if I combined some of my favorite surreal artists.

SalVanPic Gen 1 Colauge
Gen 2
Image Dataset #:  4122
Image Size: 1024 x 1024
Seeds :  1 - 1000
Total NFTs:  20
Minted: 20 / 20
Training Time: 11 Days

The Second SalVanPic Generation created with a larger training dataset of 4122 images and training for 11 days. I started this training from scratch to increase the resolution of the images since Gen 1 was 512 x 512 and removed double images.

Gen 3

Coming In The Future

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