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Gen 1

The results from the Abstract Collection inspired me with many ideas for future Collections I wanted to create. After thinking about where to start and which idea to run with, I decided on the SalVanPic Collection, which would be a combination of Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso. These are some of my favorite and well-known artists, a perfect place to continue my exploration of AI-generated images.  After curating the dataset of 2583 images, I trained the GAN for ten days and generated 1000 results, from which I pick 10 to NFT for each Generation. The difference in Generations will be further training and various augmentations to the datasets that I will disclose upon release. 

Each NFT comes with a code that is unlocked after purchase that you will be able to redeem and have a canvas print of the NFT shipped to you. I am currently looking into AI and Machine Learning powered robotic arms that will paint the NFT's onto canvas. Once that is completed, I will create a portal where you can redeem the code for the painted canvas. Each NFT is unique with only one ever created (minted).

You can view the whole collection on OpenSea by clicking here.

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